Grand Lodge Structure
Sample Hierarchy
Hierarchal Order of Odd Fellow Lodges
Lodges of the Odd Fellows are organized in a hierarchal manner. Each organizational level consists of elected officers, appointed officers and representatives. Odd Fellow lodges are subordinate to their jurisdiction, in the U.S., jurisdictions are divided geographically by states. These jurisdictions are known as Grand Lodges. The Sovereign Grand Lodge is the governing body for all jurisdictions under the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.).  Listed below is the hierarchy of the I.O.O.F from least to greatest, an Odd Fellow Lodge, the Grand Lodge of (insert state jurisdiction) and the Sovereign Grand Lodge.
An Odd Fellow Lodge Consists of the Following Positions:
(Hierarchal Order from greatest to least) List of Odd Fellow Lodges of Texas
Elected Lodge Positions Abbreviation
Past Grand (Has Presided Over an Odd Fellow Lodge) PG
Noble Grand (Presiding Officer)  NG 
Vice Grand (Deputy Presiding Officer)  VG 
Secretary SEC
Financial Secretary FS
Treasurer T
Appointive Lodge Positions Abbreviation
Conductor  C
Inside Guardian IG
Outside Guardian OG
Right Supporter of the Noble Grand RSNG
Left Supporter of the Noble Grand LSNG
Chaplain Ch
Musician Mu
Color Bearer CB
Right Supporter of the Vice Grand RSVG
Left Supporter of the Vice Grand LSVG
GL - Grand Lodge - The Jurisdictional Authority over the Odd Fellow Lodges of Texas
(Hierarchal Order from greatest to least)
Elected Grand Lodge Positions Abbreviation
Past Grand Master (Has Presided over the Grand Lodge) PGM
Grand Master (Presiding Officer) GM
Deputy Grand Master (Deputy Presiding Officer) DGM
Grand Warden (Will proceed to DGM) GW
Grand Treasurer GT
Grand Secretary GS
Grand Representative (Represents the GL at SGL Sessions) GR
Grand Lodge Director GLD
Appointive Officers Abbreviation
Grand Instructor (Instructs DDGM) GI
Grand Marshal GM
Grand Conductor GC
Grand Chaplain GCh
Grand Musician GMu
Grand Colour Bearer GCB
Grand Guardian GG
Grand Herald GH
District Deputy Grand Master DDGM
SGL- Sovereign Grand Lodge - Presiding Authority over all Jurisdictions of I.O.O.F.
(Hierarchal Order from greatest to least) SGL website:
Elected Sovereign Grand Lodge Positions Abbreviation
Past Sovereign Grand Master (Has Presided Over the SGL) PSGM
Sovereign Grand Master (Presiding Authority of SGL) SGM
Deputy Sovereign Grand Master (Deputy Presiding Officer) DSGM
Sovereign Grand Warden SGW
Sovereign Grand Treasurer SGT
Sovereign Grand Secretary SGS
Appointive Officers Abbreviation
Sovereign Grand Marshal SGM
Sovereign Grand Conductor SGC
Sovereign Grand Chaplain SGCh
Sovereign Grand Guardian SGG
Sovereign Grand Musician SGMu