Encampment (Odd Fellows)
Encampment or Patriarchal Branch
The Encampment branch of Odd Fellowship, has for its motto, Faith, Hope and Charity, which are the 3 pillars that Odd Fellowship rests upon. Every brother or sister who crosses the portals of Odd Fellowship should continue to advance through all of the Degrees of Encampment or Patriarchal branch of the order, which are the Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree, and the Royal Purple Degree.
Patriarchal Degree - Faith
The first Encampment degree has high and important lessons to impress upon the minds of its members, lessons that if attentively listened to and practiced, would accelerate the advancement and unity of humanity. This degree vividly teaches the virtues of steadfast faith, fidelity, self-sacrifice and the importance of the extended hand of hospitality.
Golden Rule Degree - Hope
The second degree of the Encampment is the Golden Rule Degree, it teaches the great lesson of toleration. Toleration and hope for the welfare of humanity is best practiced through the principle of treating others as we wish to be treated; as exemplified in the Golden Rule.
Royal Purple Degree - Charity
The third degree of the Encampment is the Royal Purple Degree, the pathway traveled in this degree is symbolical of the pathway of life. The traveler encounters many things which hinder his progress, sometimes seeming insurmountable but under the leadership of his guide, he continues to struggle on and reaches the end of his journey in safety. This guide has only one desire, to make amends for some of his/her formerly destructive ways of living; through Charity he/she desires to make the pathway easier for those who must travel this way.
The 3 Pillars of Odd Fellowship
The First Pillar of Odd Fellowship is Faith
An individual must have faith in his/her journey of life; an adventure into the unknown. Faith brings courage, a real necessity to meet life’s adventures. Should an individual lose heart in his/her daily walk of life, he/she may lose everything. One must not lose courage nor have a faint heart in meeting the stresses and trials of life.  When life is full of surmounting difficulties and disappointments, strength for life's journey is not achieved from one's own experiences and knowledge alone, but it is by Faith.  An Odd Fellow must have Faith, the foundation of all principles; Faith in their lodge, in humanity, in their country and in God.
The Second Pillar of Odd Fellowship is Hope
Hope is the central link between Faith and Charity. It is the anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast. A person without Hope is lost. Hope for Eternal Life beyond this earthly span brings forth in humanity their more noble characteristics, and spurs them on to greater and nobler deeds, that whatsoever they may accomplish within this lifetime on earth will make some contribution for the good of others.  Hope fathers the principle of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood, tolerance and the Golden Rule.
The Third Pillar of Odd Fellowship is Charity
Here the guide is the symbol of charity, illustrating to all Patriarchs that we should wear the mantle of Charity, extending to all of our brothers and sisters and to all of humanity the helping hand of Charity. Charity does not mean the extending of monetary assistance alone, but has a myriad of meanings such as; forgiveness, consideration, love, unselfishness or in other words a charity of heart as well as hand.