Ex-Student Association
The Ex-Student Association of Texas
The IOOF Ex-student Association of Texas, established some 90 years ago, is comprised of ex-students, relatives of ex-students and honorees. It meets each year at homecoming, starting Thursday of the last weekend in April, in Corsicana. Thursday is a day to check-in with a social at 5:00 p.m. Saturday consists of a business meeting for officers and any of those that would like to attend. Saturday evening is a banquet. Sunday morning we gather at the Memorial Bell Tower for a memorial service to remember those ex-students that are no longer with us.
From there we picnic at the IOOF Park. Most of the days are mostly spent in gatherings of ex-
students to rehash old stories and to catch up on what has happened since our last gathering. Some ex-students are selective as to what functions to attend. Any and all participation is welcomed by members and non-members alike. The Association is looking for ex-students that are not listed in our directory to place on our mailing list. Our objective is to encourage all ex-students to stay in touch. To keep the association viable we need new members. Let us not allow the organization to fade away.
Are You and Ex-Student?
There are many nonmember ex-students with unknown addresses. If you grew up in the IOOF Widows and Orphans Home of Texas we want you to reach out to the Association. For information contact one of our officers below: 
Barbara Cook Smith, President
5214 Pond Lake
San Antonio TX 78244
Cell (210) 363-7719
Linda Grizzle Barnes, Vice-President
1229 Tanager Lane
Garland TX 75042
(972) 276-2461
Zelma Bielat, Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 314
Covington TX 76636
(254) 854-2178
Verdie Cook, Hi Kid Editor
13634 Oak Breeze
Universal City TX 78148
(210) 658-9239 Cell (210) 273-4076
Association publications include our Hi Kid, published three times a year, furnished to all listed on the association directory. 
The directory is also included with each issue of the Hi Kid. In 2008 the association published a pictorial history of the home, covering mostly the period ending in 1950. There are still copies available for those ex-students that have not received one as well as others that may be interested. Pictorial History, Volume II, published in 2011, which is much larger with some 800 photographs, covers the period ending in early 1970s. With donations from our members, the association was able to pay for Volume I and furnish to members free of charge. Funds were not available for volume II so we are asking the price of $15, which includes the cost of mailing. We have combined Pictorial History I and II with the price $30. 
Also, in 2010 we published a 20" X 30" poster, "Faces". This poster depicts the faces of 500 of the some 2,000 children raised in our home as well as 75 photos of children and activities around the home. If more faces could have been found they would have been included. The cost of this poster is $15 which includes cost of mailing. Contact the Hi Kid Editor for copies of these items.