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Past Grand Masters of Texas Website
Posted on Sep 17th, 2015

Tom R. Anderson
PGM of Texas, 1900-1901
Dear Members,
Jane Dobson from the Grand Lodge office and I have been working on a Past Grand Masters of Texas website for the past few months.  To view what has been done so far, go to:
This is a work in progress.  The reason I am posting it unfinished is because I am asking for any help I can get.  I want to give all Odd Fellows a chance to contribute.  I know that many of you may have old Grand Master programs that you have stored away.  If you could have them scanned, send them to me.  I will post them on the website.  We have most of them posted going back to 1976.  I am not sure when Texas Grand Masters started putting out these GM programs.  You can see if we have yours by clicking on a PGM picture in the above website link. 
Also, if you have snapshots or any other information for any previous Grand Masters, please send them.  I will post them on the PGM website.  My email address is:
Please pass this on to your fellow members.  Maybe together we can dig up a lot of things that people have never seen before.  I know I sure have learned a lot from this project. It has been very fun!
In F., L., & T.,
John S. Beaber
Garland Lodge No. 304