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The Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
“We seek to improve and elevate the character of humanity and look forward with ardent joy to that day when one law shall bind all nations, tongues, and kindred on earth and that law will be the law of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, under the fatherhood of God.”
About Our Order
The name itself signifies something different or out of the ordinary. And it is ODD, because it endeavors to enlighten the mind without taking from the individual any of his/her rights or privileges. It conforms to law, religion and sound morality without usurping the rights of the church or that of the courts. It creates a brotherhood and sisterhood not a division among people. It presents life in all its fullness, through several degrees, so linked together that each one receiving them may broaden his/her mind and elevate their character.
Membership Requirements
While we insist that one must believe in a supreme being, we do not inquire into the applicant’s particular choice of faith or belief, nor do we permit religious discussions in our lodge rooms, as each member is privileged to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience without interference from the order. We also recognize that society has laid down certain rules that have proven of great importance, so that, while we recognize the fatherhood of God and the kinship of humanity, we must require evidence that the applicant is of good moral character, and he/she must be mentally capable of earning a livelihood. With these simple yet essential qualifications, a man or woman may unite with us in the office of human benefaction.
Our Charge
The commands of Odd Fellowship are to: Visit the Sick, Relieve the Distressed, to Bury the Dead, Educate the Orphan, and to Protect and Care for the Aged and Widowed.
If you would like to join our ranks and become an Odd Fellow; talk to the person who directed you to our website. If you found us through a search; check for a lodge in your area.  
Grand Master and Grand Patriarchs Project
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Odd Fellow News & Up Coming Events 
News & Events; Find the latest information about Odd Fellow & Rebekah events in Texas. If you have an event you want posted send the info, contact name & number to admin@iooftx.org
Good of the Order & Sick or Distressed
Good of the Order; this area of the website is where members can make informational postings about Good of the Order or Sick and Distressed. Click on the Subscribe button so you can stay informed about your Brothers & Sisters.
Learn About Odd Fellows & Rebekahs
Brochure - Odd Fellows & Rebekahs
Brochure - Why Degree Work?
Brochure - Application for Membership
Brochure - Grand Master's Program
Sovereign Grand Lodge's Website
For more information about our international organization please visit the Sovereign Grand Lodge's website at www.ioof.org
Contact Us
If you have questions, suggestions or you would like something posted in upcoming events visit our Contact Us page.
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